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K&A offers regional power industry reports on high opportunity target markets. Our reports are filled with up to date information & analysis to facilitate the decision-making requirements of our clients. We perform in-depth research that combines primary and secondary sources that cohesively work together in forming a clear & concise overview of the market and highlight the most relevant local power industry trends.

India Power Generation Market Report

Krishnan & Associates is directly involved in the Indian power market in a multitude of ways including opening up this growing market through arranging joint ventures and strategic alliances, supplying required executive talent to large IPPs, utilities, and OEMs, and keeping a finger on the pulse of constantly evolving market through our analysis in our report: "Indian Power Generation Market - Market Review & Forecast."

The synergy of these activities culminates in a robust and thorough network of contacts that spans all major players and stakeholders in the power, mining, and infrastructure industries within India. With this intimate knowledge of a country that is emerging on the world stage as a significant consumer of power and electricity makes Krishnan and Associates the superior choice for firms looking to expand into the Indian market. K&A can aid in penetrating this marketplace and establishing your brand as a successful and recognized name in the Indian power sector.

K&A has assisted in expanding the capabilities of our clients within India by providing high level executives from throughout the world for senior positions with major IPPs, coal mining operations, and infrastructure entities. These arrangements have galvanized our already strong relationships with major participants in the market and provided us direct contact to senior members of these organizations.

We annually publish updates to our comprehensive report, Indian Power Generation Market - Market Review & ForecastThis report is a "must read" for any business developing strategies for entering the dynamic Indian energy market. Should you have additional questions about an issue specific to your firm, K&A can discuss the additional scope and investigate the topic further.


New Regulations Offer Huge Opportunity for the Indian Power Generation Market

Fierce competition in Indian emissions control market

Fierce competition in Indian emissions control market

The framework of the Indian Power Market has seen a huge shift. New emission regulations have recently passed which significantly reduce limits on NOx, PM, SO₂, and Hg. New plants in the India will now be held to limits similar to those currently seen in the US & Europe.

This shift creates a market that is extremely attractive to global environmental equipment and AQCS providers. An estimated 123,000 MW of generating capacity is going to be added by 2022 and it will all be subject to the new tighter regulations.

K&A’s study takes an in-depth look at how these and other market developments will shape the future of the Indian fossil-fuel fired power generation industry

Indian Market for Emission-Control Expected to See-Explosive Growth-1.jpg