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HSIG Product Demonstration

The Hydraulic Safety Interlock Guard Tensioner is one of our newest, patented developments. It is a safety system for tensioning a fastener that projects from a structural member such as a rod, stud or bolt.  Studs, bolts and rods may be tensioned in order to provide a secure mechanical connection between structural members, such as, for example, a pair of opposing flanges on a piece of machinery.

HRT Hydraulic Tensioning Systems

With Riverhawk’s hydraulic tensioning system, design-limiting considerations, such as coefficient of friction due to torquing, are no longer a concern. This high temperature tensioner for studs and nuts, eliminates the need for temperature limiting seals, lubricants, and coatings.

Suitable for high temperature nut & high temperature bolt applications and is able to be retrofit to existing installation requirements. 

Radial Fit Bolt Hydraulically Fitted Coupling Bolts

Designed to replace standard coupling bolts, Riverhawk’s Hydraulically Fitted Coupling Bolts (Radial Fit Bolt) reduces installation and operational problems created by the use of old style coupling bolts. 

Riverhawk’s Hydraulically Fitted Coupling Bolts consist of a tapered bolt with a tapered sleeve and two cylindrical nuts. This package is reusable and offers efficient, repeatable performance.

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner | HET

The Riverhawk Hydraulic External Tensioner (HET) series of standard external tensioners is a lightweight, compact and versatile line of tensioners. The HET series operates at a maximum pressure of 20,000 psi and utilizes high strength AISI 4340 steel components for long lasting performance. 

Hydraulic Tensioned Nuts and Bolts

The Riverhawk Hydraulic Tensioned Nut (HTN) eliminates conventional bolt load torquing inaccuracies occurring from stud twisting and friction losses at the nut face and thread interfaces. The HTN eliminates this torquing friction, thereby improving the integrity of the joint. The compact standard sizes of the Riverhawk HTN are ideal for confined spaces or where envelope restrictions prevail.

Torque and Nut Replacement

The Riverhawk Company External Tensioning Nut (ETN) can be used to replace existing hex nuts on critical flanges.

VF-100 * D14 Steam Turbine Tensioner HT-5298


Overview of the operational steps for using a Riverhawk tensioner HT-5298 for the D14 Steam Turbine at the IP-HP connection. 

Reference instruction manual IM-325.

VF-102 * 9B/E Hardware Tensioner HT-5506 (General Operation)


Overview of the operational steps for using a Riverhawk tensioner HT-5506 on turbine hardware for 9B to 9E conversion load coupling connections. 

Reference instruction manual IM-278.