Competitor Intelligence

K&A provides actionable competitive intelligence on complex technologies and product lines in the power business such as:

  • Market and industry trends
  • Competitors
  • Technology
  • Materials and Suppliers
  • Legal and regulatory changes
  • Political and economic changes

Unlike other competitor intelligence programs that base recommendations solely on public information, hear-say, rumors and qualitative information, K&A builds a CI process based on energy industry experience with a strong quantitative focus. K&A has developed a vast network of contacts and relationships in the power industry, which is updated daily to make it current. Through this network, our information gathering capability is unmatched.


Competitor Intelligence Capabilities

  • Early warning signals
  • Competitor market development strategies
  • New product development
  • Technology concept testing
  • Financial analysis of competing products and services
  • Pricing targets and analysis
  • Competitive spatial mapping
  • Re-positioning strategies
  • Competitive opportunity assessment
  • Wholesale and retail marketing strategies
  • Competitive assessment of R&D strategies
  • Competitor market share estimates


What Our CI Services Will Do For You

Competitor Intelligence

  • Identify your true major competitive threats
  • Anticipate future direction of these threats
  • Identify the ways to assess your competitors' cost structure
  • Decipher your competitors' strategy and map key turn points
  • Analyze your competitors' technical trends
  • Map your competitors' or suppliers' patent portfolio
  • Use competitor response modeling to launch a new product or service that leapfrogs competitors’ offerings


Power Industry Evaluation

  • Identify key technologies & trends in your segment
  • Analyze industry's evolution paths and trends for future decision making
  • Identify sources of critical change in the market, key players and areas of opportunity
  • Assess the speed of development in specific area, or particular technologies in the industry
  • Develop a competitive map of your industry showing key players and their strengths and weaknesses, and track their moves
  • Identify possible future substitutes for products and technologies
  • Analyze the business implications of a new technology, regulations
  • Develop a market entry strategy that is focused on key external opportunities
  • Assess the risks and opportunities of new overseas markets
  • Assess customer satisfaction, and reaction to your new initiatives

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