Website Development

As a part of our comprehensive marketing and business development services, Krishnan & Associates also undertakes complete website design projects including design, content, layout and programming.

Given K&A's industry knowledge and in-depth know-how of the business, we create informative, user friendly and aesthetically appealing sites that communicate your capabilities effectively.


Graphic Design

The graphic design team will create a layout that is easily navigable and will give the site a consistent look and feel across various page types. We will review and filter through any client images and shortlist the ones for use in various pages of your site.  Furthermore, K&A also provides custom professional photography services for your specific needs.  


Technical Content Development

As a full-service marketing firm, we also take the lead in developing  technical content for your website that effectively disseminates information about the company's products and services. Our energy industry background enables us to quickly grasp the technical aspects of your products as well as your unique marketing needs. This potent combination of technical skill and marketing finesse enables us to create a website that effectively communicates with customers as well as provide sales leads.


Full Programming Capabilities

K&A will work with the client company to determine what the best coding approach would be based on the goals and objectives of the site. Our programming team has broad experience for web development including responsive PHP sites, static HTML sites, and easily updatable sites built in a Content Management System (CMS) such as Squarespace. Our team can fully manage CMS sites by making any updates the client requests or we can train your personnel if you’d rather handle the updates in-house.

We have also created numerous database designs across Windows or Unix/Linux platforms using MySQL, and other custom applications written using C# integrating Telerik’s web controls and open source Java script libraries including Prototype and/or Jquery. Prior to the launch of the sites we design and build K&A staff thoroughly tests and reviews all aspects of the website to ensure it operates to the design specifications.


Site Analytics & SEO

K&A installs site analytic tools such as Google Analytics to track different metrics on the site. Also, additional web statistics and web traffic reports can be generated using third party tools like Site Meter and other professionally developed software.  K&A is equipped to provide ongoing management of the search engine optimization (SEO) activities for sites we build. We use the most up-to-date on- and off-site techniques to steadily increase your website ranking within Google search results for keywords that are critical to your business.