K&A provides the complete support services required by our clients to effectively position themselves to successfully close the transaction. Our team has experience in a wide array of transactions including investment for growth, stockholder purchase, financial alliance for large projects, performance bonding, acquisition of management talent, sales-force augmentation, and creation of manufacturing synergies.

Partnerships and acquisitions are often part of a company’s growth strategy in the energy industry. Finding the best acquisition, divestiture, or strategic alliance at the right time is critical to ensure that the benefits are maximized and underlying and growth objectives are fulfilled.

Often, conducting such searches in-house suffers from limitations such as:

  • Insufficient time, personnel or strategic resources available to do so
  • Delegation may be impractical
  • Confidentiality reasons may make it an impossible task

K&A offers specialized Prospecting and Company Search Services to identify the right partner for your company. Our power industry focused due diligence, expert business judgment, proprietary business tools, and network of alliance partners help us broker alliances that guide and assist your company to find the best strategic and growth partner.

Our experts, with many years of industry experience, network of relationships, and seasoned business knowledge, use a pragmatic and result-driven search methodology that delivers value-added and timely results.