Energy Industry Webinar Production & Promotion

Fuel and Carbon Flexibility Benefits Provided by CFB Technology


As an energy industry marketing firm Krishnan & Associates offer complete production and promotion of webinars through our Webcast Experts division.  Our team of experienced technical writers and graphic designers create the registration page, invitation material, and a branded live console for every event. Here is an excerpt from a registration page created for our client:

In this informative webinar, Robert Giglio, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Business Development, Sumitomo SHI-FW (SFW), will discuss the technical, economic and environmental benefits of CFB boilers that may be customized for specific power markets. Plant case studies that illustrate the fuel flexibility of the CFB on fuels commonly available in Asia, Africa and Middle East will be presented, such as:

  • JEA’s 600-MWe Northside Plant produces low-cost power from petcoke. The plant has been in operation for 17 years and has maintained an average forced outage rate under 2% over the past 8 years (2011-2017)

  • Korea's 2,200 MWe Samcheok Green Power Plant  features four 550 MWe ultra-supercritical CFBs from SFW, giving KOSPO, the plant owner, the utmost flexibility in global fuel procurement.

  • Turkey's 510 MWe Soma Kolin Plant, now under construction, features two 255 MWe CFBs from SFW to to produce very affordable power from Turkey’s abundant low-quality lignite.

  • UK's Teesside Renewable Energy Plant will be the world's largest 100% biomass-fired power station at 299 MWe using  SFW's advanced biomass CFB technology when it comes on-line in 2020

  • South Korea’s 105 MWe Danging Power Station is a multi-fuel unit that fires a combination of palm kernel shells (PKS), wood pellets, demolition wood and coal. The plant began operation in 2015.