Energy Industry Webinar Production & Promotion

How to Manage Your SCR Catalyst Effectively


As an energy industry marketing firm Krishnan & Associates offer complete production and promotion of webinars through our Webcast Experts division.  Our team of experienced technical writers and graphic designers create the registration page, invitation material, and a branded live console for every event. Here is an excerpt from a registration page created for our client:

In this informative webinar, CORMETECH’s Director of Account Management, Philip Elliott, will discuss best practices for maintaining your SCR, improving NOx reduction performance, avoiding unplanned downtime, and reducing lifetime cost of your SCR system. Specific topics addressed will include:

  • Field Services Support

    • SCR Catalyst Inspection – Physical Inspection Procedure

    • Catalyst Testing - Pilot Testing and Audits of Catalyst Activity

    • AIG Inspection and Tuning - Optimizing DeNOx and Reducing Ammonia Slip

  • Ash Mitigation

    • LPA Screens – Stopping LPA in its Tracks

    • Acoustic Cleaners - High Energy, Low Frequency Sound Waves that Resonates Ash Particles

    • Ash Sweepers - Displacing Ash Piles by Discharging Compressed Air

  • In-situ Ice Blasting - Pluggage Removal Technique for (SCR) Catalyst

  • Catalyst Management Services - Determining an Optimum Catalyst Replacement Plan

  • SCR Catalyst Regeneration - Restoring Catalyst Activity Back to the Original OEM Level