Energy Industry Webinar Production & Promotion

Low Carbon and Carbon Neutral Energy Solutions using CFB Technology


As an energy industry marketing firm Krishnan & Associates offer complete production and promotion of webinars through our Webcast Experts division.  Our team of experienced technical writers and graphic designers create the registration page, invitation material, and a branded live console for every event. Here is an excerpt from a registration page created for our client:

In this informative webinar, Teemu Nevalainen, Chief Engineer, Conceptual Design at Sumitomo SHI FW, will discuss how CFB technology with biomass co-firing can achieve affordable and reliable carbon neutral power. The webinar will also discuss CFB’s capability to co-fire a wide range of biomass fuels with coal, up to 100% biomass, providing an economical, reliable and carbon emission reducing strategy for power producers. As biomass utilization is expected to increase worldwide, the webinar will discuss how biomass use can be balanced to produce affordable, reliable and low carbon power  without overburdening local biomass supply chains. 

Other topics to be addressed include:

  • How CFB technology takes advantage of the global coal fuel arbitrage

  • The substantial reductions of CO2 emissions realized by co-firing biomass & utilizing domestic fuel supply chains

  • Proven CFB installations utilizing biomass co-firing over a wide range of capacities

    • Samcheok Green Power Project, Korea (4 X 550 MWe Ultrasupercritical)

    • Dominion Virginia City (US) Hybrid Energy Center (2 X 335 MWe)

    • Fortum Heat Polska CHP Zabrze, Poland (203 MWth/75 MWe)

    • Jyväskylän Energia Oy CHP, Jyväskylä, Finland (480 MWth/200 MWe)

    • GS E&C, Dangjin Korea 105 MWe