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Proven Diesel LPV Mobile SCR Technology for Upcoming German NOx Emission Regulations


As a power industry marketing firm Krishnan & Associates offer complete production and promotion of webinars through our Webcast Experts division.  Our team of experienced technical writers and graphic designers create the registration page, invitation material, and a branded live console for every event. Here is an excerpt from a registration page created for our client:

In this webinar, Dr. Martin Pley, the managing partner of Dr. Pley will present technology details as well as test results acquired from a regiment of EU qualified on-road research demonstrations. Testing has proven that NOx emissions can be reduced to Euro 6 levels with components small enough to fit within light passenger vehicles at an affordable cost.   

Dr. Pley Diesel SCR Highlights:

  • LPV SCR retrofit package technology overview

  • Newly developed ECU capable to operate the SCR system by correction curves or with NOx sensors

  • SCR catalysts with advanced coatings on metallic substrate allow low temperature light-off of 120° C

  • Newly developed DEF Hydrolysis Reactor capable to convert up to 500g/hr DEF into NH3

  • Effective and economically competitive solution due to component costs

  • Political and regulatory outlook driving SCR technology