Power Industry Webinar Production & Promotion

The Importance of Optimal SCR Operation in Diverse Applications


As a power industry marketing firm Krishnan & Associates offer complete production and promotion of webinars through our Webcast Experts division.  Our team of experienced technical writers and graphic designers create the registration page, invitation material, and a branded live console for every event. Here is an excerpt from a registration page created for our client: 

In this informative webinar, Sean McMenamin, Nationwide Boiler’s Director of Operations and Environmental Solutions, will discuss key considerations in making smart decisions for your SCR design. Specific topics addressed will include:

  • An overview of current and future anticipated NOx emissions regulations

  • Understanding NOx reduction control strategies and comparison of control technologies

  • Understanding “next generation” SCR design and performance expectations

  • NOx technology options utilizing alternative reagents

  • Operating conditions and their effects on SCR sizing, design and lifecycle costs

  • Case studies:

    • Midwest Refinery NOx and Efficiency Project

    • Northern California “New” SCR Retrofit