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Advanced Technology Delivers World Record

As an energy industry marketing firm Krishnan & Associates develops specialized technical and commercial content for our energy industry clients. Here is an example of an article that we wrote and published for our client in the energy industry:

Power Engineering International | June 2017 | CMI

Operational flexibility and combined-cycle plant efficiency are typically viewed as countervailing forces - success in one comes at the expense of the other. Recent technological advances, however, are challenging that presumption.

At EDF's 605 MW Bouchain combined-cycle plant in northern France, pairing GE's 9HA.01 gas turbine with CMI's heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) has enabled the plant to set a world record for efficiency - 62.22 per cent under ISO conditions - while having the operational flexibility to accommodate frequent starts and stops and achieve a sub-30-minute ramp to maximum power output.