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AIG Upgrades Slash HRSG Ammonia Usage and Tube Fouling

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Power Engineering | October 2018 | Concord Environmental

The CTGs and HRSGs are in single train configuration and the exhaust gases from each HRSG passes through the exhaust flue to individual 100-foot exhaust stacks. Each of the 165-MW Westinghouse (now Siemens Energy) 501FC+ single-shaft CTGs are configured with dry low NOx combustors. Each HRSG is equipped with SCR and oxidation catalyst systems to manage air emissions. The steam turbine generator has a nominal output of 170 MW and is cooled by an air-cooled condenser. The full load continuous rating of the natural gas-powered combined cycle plant is 480 MW with natural gas duct burning and at a maximum ambient air temperature of 120 Fahrenheit and 15 percent relative humidity.