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Sumitomo breaks ground in circulating fluidized bed market with launch of Sumitomo SHI FW

As a power industry marketing firm Krishnan & Associates develops specialized technical and commercial content for our power industry clients. Here is an example of an article that we wrote and published for our client in the power industry.

Asian Power | November - December 2017 | Sumitomo SHI FW

When coal mines began to mature and power plant owners started to moveto lower quality coal seams, SumitomoHeavy Industries (SHI) saw a huge opportunity to hasten the growth of the low quality solid fuel market. SHI leveraged on the increasing value of fuel flexibility to innovate the use of circulating fluidized bed (CFB) plants and provide plant designs catering to all kinds of generation needs. To further boost their power in the CFB market, SHI acquired Amec Foster Wheeler’s (AFW) fluidized bed technology to form Sumitomo SHI FW (SFW) a new global leader in providing reliable and sustainable energy solutions.