Ravi Krishnan presenting on K&A marketing services and holding raffle for FREE Production & Promotion of one webinar at Power-Gen Europe

This year at Power-Gen Europe Ravi Krishnan, Managing Director of Krishnan & Associates will be giving a concise presentation on Krishnan & Associates services including Webinars, Marketing and Technical Writing. 

Register below and visit Booth A5 on June 28th at 2:30pm to listen and discuss how K&A can work with your company to drive lead generation, improve brand awareness, and increase proposal volume. At the conclusion of the presentation a winner will be drawn from the registered attendees* to win one free webinar including full standard promotion and production services which can attract 30-150 targeted decision makers. Visit www.webcastexperts.com to see examples of upcoming & on-demand webinars that we have produced and promoted for OEMs & Service Providers.*

Krishnan & Associates provides energy industry OEMs a comprehensive package of integrated conventional & digital marketing services that our customers find invaluable to their sustained growth. 

We combine our technical expertise with our global team’s vast global network of contacts among senior management, corporate engineering, O&M personnel at utilities & IPPs, coal mines, refineries, chemical plants, equipment suppliers, construction firms, OEMs, regulators and A&Es, to achieve our customers’ business objective.

Please register below to be eligible for winning a free webinar!

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Under the following conditions you might not be eligible for a free webinar:

  1. The participating company must not be an existing or previous customer of K&A's webinar services.
  2. The participating company must not offer competing products to any of K&A's current customers that utilize its marketing or webinar promotion services.
  3. Participating company must attend the full presentation at K&A 's booth at Power-Gen at the registered time.
  4. Participating company must not be offering similar services as K&A.
  5. Participating company personnel must register using their official company email address. Participants attending with their Yahoo, Google or other generic, personal email addresses will not be eligible to win a free webinar.