Krishnan & Associates - Energy Industry Marketing Services

Krishnan & Associates (K&A), a specialized marketing consultancy serving the global energy and infrastructure industries, offers a full range of specialized sales, marketing & communication services. These services include digital marketing, webinar promotion, business development, technical writing & article development, specialized social media campaigns, seminar & conference production, and customized market and customer research.

Our proprietary global database & network of over 60,000 industry decision makers, combined with our specialized approaches and techniques generate leads, branding, sales for our clients. Our website and our digital marketing site cater to the global energy and infrastructure industries.

Our marketing programs incorporate specific successful strategies to achieve high growth in today’s challenging business environment. Our projects are designed to grow proposal & sales volume, tap into unidentified opportunities, find new customers & partners, develop new worldwide markets, forge strategic alliances & partnerships and build worldwide brand recognition.

Our digital marketing has increasingly been using webinars as an incredibly effective and important communication tool for our clients such as Sumitomo SHI FW, CORMETECH, Strata Solar, Evonik Corporation, CMI, Applied Materials, ABB, Donaldson, etc. Webinars allow a company’s presenter to reach out to and interact with a vast, geographically dispersed audience simultaneously. This benefits both the presenter and the attendee as no travel is required and it can be viewed from the comfort of an office, or even on the go through use of laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Webinars are also indexed on our website and search engine optimized and have tremendous archival value. Once the webinar is complete a complete dossier of registered live and on-demand attendees and their contact information is provided to our client sponsor of the webinar.

The team members at K&A and Webcast Experts℠ are extremely well versed in the issues facing the energy and infrastructure industries. Our significant domain expertise allows us to advise clients throughout the process and assist in honing the focus of the presentation to have the strongest impact and resonance with the target audience.

The production team at Webcast Experts℠ uses a clearly defined three phase approach in the development and promotion of every event we create. This comprehensive approach verifies all facets of the webinar event are appropriately developed, approved, and finalized at the needed time. Phase one is planning & marketing, phase two is presentation & moderation, and phase three is reporting & follow-up.

Our direct marketing programs leverage our extensive database of decision makers grouped under industry-specific categories. Our marketing strategy involves highly targeted direct customer contact through telephone calls, mail, and email campaigns. As a specialty technical marketing services firm, K&A has regular and on-going contact with Utilities, Independent Power Plants, Equipment Suppliers, OEM’s, EPCs and A&E Firms. Our successful and targeted B2B marketing techniques have resulted in more than 100% growth in lead generation, proposal volume and sales for our clients involved in a variety of industrial products and technologies.

K&A also fully develops effective marketing material, in print and electronic format that can be easily disseminated to clients. K&A will undertake the graphic design, content development, graphics, layout, and dissemination of such marketing material.

Our marketing communication services comprise strategic public relations planning, branding & product campaigns, media kits and placements, press releases, technical papers & articles, company profiles, and press tours & presentations.

We also do customized market and voice of customer surveys on a range of technologies and services in the energy & infrastructure industries, M&A due diligence and market analysis.