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K&A has extensive experience and success securing placement of technical articles in leading energy industry technical publications. Our engineering and marketing expertise enables us to write polished articles that will engage the industry as well as attract prospective customers. K&A remains in frequent contact with the editorial staff of all the major power industry trade publications.

Our team consists of Technical Writers, Engineers, Economists and Former Editors of Energy & Power Magazines who have developed 10,000+ articles in their career on a range of power, renewable, wind, solar and broader energy sectors.


Technical Writing Examples

Advanced Technology Delivers World Record Power Engineering International | June 2017 | CMI

Conversion to Natural Gas Igniters Reduces Fuel Cost Power Engineering | June 2017 | Forney

Looking Beyond SCR for Cost-Effective NOx Reduction Power Engineering International | March 2017 | Amec Foster Wheeler

Indian Market for Emission Control Expected to See Explosive Growth Fugitive Emissions Journal | March 2017 | Krishnan & Associates

Supplemental Firing without Augmenting Air Power Engineering Int’l | December 2016 | Forney

India’s New Emissions Rules: Challenges and Opportunities Modern Power Systems | December 2016 | Krishnan & Associates

Indian Market for Emission Control Expected to See Explosive Growth Valve World India | November - December 2016 | Krishnan & Associates

True Turnkey Solutions for Membrane Water Purification Power Engineering | November 2016 | Parker Hannifin

Benefits of aluminium piping Modern Power Systems | November 2016 | Parker Hannifin

Predictive Beyond Preventive Power Engineering Int’l | November 2016 | Parker Hannifin

Why a Smart Energy Policy can Include Coal Power Engineering Int’l | July 2016 | Amec Foster Wheeler 

Upgrade Helps Coal Plant Control Particulate and Air Toxic Emissions Power Engineering | June 2016 | Amec Foster Wheeler

Designing SCR Systems for High-Dust Applications  Modern Power Systems | June 2016 | Amec Foster Wheeler

Multi-pollutant Control Technology Assessment: Circulating Fluidized Bed Scrubber vs. Spray Dryer Absorber VGB PowerTech | May 2016 | Amec Foster Wheeler

Alternatives to Conventional Welded Pipe Systems Power Engineering Int’l | January 2016 | Parker Hannifin

Applying SCR NOx Reduction in High-Dust Environments Power Engineering Int’l | December 2015 | Amec Foster Wheeler

Orlando Utilities Commission Ignites Shift to Fuel Diversity at Stanton Energy Center Power Engineering | November 2015 | Forney Corp

Boosting SO2 Removal Efficiency Power Engineering Int’l | November 2015 | Amec Foster Wheeler 

Options for Integrating Energy Storage Power Engineering Int’l | October 2015 | Parker

Integrating Energy Storage Power Engineering | October 2015 | Parker

Increasing Wet FGD SO2 Removal Efficiency Power Engineering | October 2015 | Amec Foster Wheeler

Circulating Fluidized Bed Scrubber vs Spray Dryer Absorber Power Engineering | September 2015 | Amec Foster Wheeler

Getting the Dust Out: Selecting a Filtration System Powder & Bulk Solids | August 2015 | AFW

Circulating Fluidized Bed Scrubber vs Spray Dryer Absorber Power Engineering Int’l | July 2015 | Amec Foster Wheeler 

Innovative Brush Seals Energetica | May 2015 | Sealeze

Improving Air Preheater Performance Modern Power Systems | March 2015 | Sealeze

SCR Reheat Burners Keep NOx in Spec at Low Loads Power | January 2015 | Forney

Repowering Erbil Power Project Adds 500 MW to Kurdistan Grid Power | November 2014 | CMI

Advances in Steam Generator Design Power Engineering Int’l | September 2014

Fresh Perception of ESP Power Engineering Int’l | November 2014 | Stock Equipment

Clean Bill of Health for HRSGs Power Engineering Int’l | June 2014 | EAI

HECO Successfully Co fires Biofuel as No. 6 Oil Substitute Power | June 2014 | CCA

Switching Boilers to Natural Gas Considerations Pollution Engineering | April 2014 | CCA

Adaptive Brush Seals Restore Air Preheater Performance Power | March 2014 | Sealeze

Air Preheater Leaks: Mind the Gap Power Engineering Int’l | February 2014 | Sealeze

Using Neural Network Combustion Optimization for MATS Compliance Power | February 2014 | NeuCo

Keeping HRSGs Clean Combined Cycle Journal | January 2014 | EAI